deb-waterstone-headshotIn 1992 after 12 years working inside organizations, I launched my consulting and coaching business, Spirit of Success. Through the years I’ve seen people devote a significant amount of time, money, and energy to learn new skills, improve performance, and develop personal mastery.

What I have found is that it all flows with much greater ease when we connect to purpose and passion. As individuals, we want to have a stake in the matter and bring meaning into our lives. As companies, we want employees who not only are skilled at what they do, but who also are creative, flexible, eager to learn, and passionate about their work.

carnationHave you ever seen a carnation turn colors? This is a really fun experiment if you want to try it sometime.

Put a carnation in a glass of water with red dye. Over the next few days notice how the petals turn the same color as the dye. It’s amazing! No spraying or convincing required. Simply allowing it to soak it up on the inside reveals its splendor on the outside.

I believe that holistic learning experiences inspire us to develop and grow from the inside out. We need to flex not only the muscles of our minds but also the muscles of our hearts and spirits.

Whole-being learning creates and expands possibilities, enabling us to reach our greatest potential as individuals and perform with purpose as an organization.

Love of Learning

I really do love learning! Throughout my life, I have found many different ways to bring my passion into the world. Sharing the joy of learning through my business has been great fun and quite a privilege.

In my various roles as a coach, consultant, facilitator, mentor, and collaborator, I’ve brought my love of learning into the corporate, education, and non-profit sectors. I’ve shared it with solo professionals and small business owners through my workshop and business development services. And I connect to my passion with each and every coaching client I have the honor to support.

Unveil the Best of Who You Are

Regardless of the entity or venue through which learning experiences take place, it’s truly amazing to me what’s possible when we connect to our natural desire to learn and grow. Along the way, we get to unveil the very best of who we are. I hope you’ll allow me the opportunity to support you or your organization as you reach out and discover what more is available for you through the power of learning.

Personal Values

  • Profound connection: Recognizing the whole of ourselves and others
  • Authenticity: Expressing one’s true self in all aspects of life
  • Fun: Promoting laughter and lightheartedness
  • Freedom: Allowing self and others to explore, learn, and grow
  • Fluidity: Following the energy and flexing to meet needs

Credentials and Certificates

  • M.Ed. specializing in training, adult learning, and organization¬†development
  • BCC coaching certification with the Center for Credentialing & Education
  • Certified Inspired Learning Facilitator through the Foundation for Inspired Learning
  • Qualified to assess and deliver the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Creator of the LASER Learning Model