Clients and Cases

Accenture, K.Racey testimonialPartial List of Clients

  • Ameritech
  • Accenture (Chicago, Phoenix, St. Charles, Vancouver)
  • City of Madison
  • Drawing Number One
  • Glen Ellyn Public Library
  • Inspired Mastery
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • MasterCard International
  • McDonald’s Corporation
  • Nestlé U.S.A.
  • PriceWaterhouse Coopers
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Waste Management Company

Project Examples

Leadership Coaching

Supported various executives with interpreting multi-rater feedback, establishing goals, and taking actions to build stronger relationships, collaborative teams, and communication skills. One V.P.’s actions resulted in an 80% positive response in a six-month follow-up engagement survey. This was a significant improvement over prior surveys for his department.

Partnered with several city agencies to help upper level team leaders reach specific development goals and expand on existing strengths. A structured and flexible approach conducted in a safe space for revealing challenges resulted in very successful outcomes for each client.

Program Design / Development

Guided a team of eight managers through a fast-track yet comprehensive approach to design a new leadership program. Assisted the team in clarifying program goals, identifying desired organizational results, creating program performance objectives, recommending a delivery strategy, and designing module outlines. Team received strong acknowledgment from executive management for providing a viable and thorough solution in a short time frame.

Designed and developed orientation and train-the-trainer sessions for the corporate Human Resources division. Approach incorporated a variety of instructor-led strategies to build knowledge and skills in the new competency model. Succeeded in meeting client’s challenges of limited time for field training, need for immediate transfer on the job, and simultaneous delivery of content and process to the trainers.

Change Management / Communications

Provided significant change management services to help move over 3000 people to a new workplace environment and innovative approach to work. Responsible for project planning, design of communication and training initiatives, pre- and post-move implementation support, and overall project and resource management. Applied creative and collaborative techniques to successfully lead an initiative to educate 600 on-site employees.

Surveyed the corporate communication needs of this company”s U.S. population of 24,000 employees. Services included identifying information needs, designing a questionnaire, collecting, analyzing and interpreting all data, and presenting the results to the client with recommendations for change. Project generated radical changes to the company’s corporate communication tools, with a plan to conduct a follow-up survey in two years.

Strategic Planning / Program Assessment

Defined an implementation strategy for finalizing, communicating, and delivering a new curriculum to corporate field offices. The existing curriculum plan, delivery logistics, and infrastructure requirements were examined, synthesized, and communicated in an integrated package of specific recommendations linked to the client’s success factors.

Assessed the need for change to the structure and delivery of a continuing education program. Interviews with key players resulted in the recommendation of nine interventions to improve on the current approach. Subsequent meetings with the management team focused on clarifying vision, mission, and roles, and creating action plans to address continuing education activities.

Workshops and Classes

Designed and facilitated a one-day workshop on communication, community, and collaboration for staff members. Approach focused on encouraging a collaborative mindset to solve problems, make decisions, and serve the outside community.

Created and delivered a nine-week program for entrepreneurs to integrate spiritual principles and practical techniques into their business model. Immersed in an inspired learning environment, attendees gained the clarity, energy, and confidence to expand their business with ease.