Develop and strengthen leadership abilities

Your compassion, intuitive abilities, integrity, and business savvy proved to be a powerful combination.  L. Lipsky

By definition, people must become self-aware before they can change. And before we can change our behaviors, we need to acknowledge them. This is one reason coaching is a powerful tool for leaders. Coaching builds awareness so a shift in mindset and skillset is possible.

If you are in a leadership or managerial role, you probably understand the challenges that accompany the need to handle multiple priorities, build strong relationships, and communicate with a variety of stakeholders who don’t necessarily agree. Then there’s the important ability to inspire others to respect your vision, adhere to certain principles, complete required tasks, challenge ideas when appropriate, and more.

Naturally, no one can do all of this perfectly. Unfortunately, many leaders do not have a safe way to express their specific challenges and vulnerabilities. The message conveyed is, “Do it well, figure it out, and don’t reveal what you’re not able to do or you may look weak.”

Enter leadership coaching…

Leadership coaching puts you in the driver’s seat of your professional life without having to navigate alone. You get the full support of a skilled professional who provides the structure, tools, and feedback to help you set goals, gain clarity, explore options, focus on priorities, and act in accordance with your values and personal preferences.

These are a few reasons leaders have sought us out:

  • Desire to use existing strengths to build leadership skills and abilities
  • Challenged with meeting competing demands and expectations
  • Out of alignment with one’s team, peers, boss, upper management
  • Transitioning to an expanded leadership role

hand to handAs with all of our work, our coaching services are custom designed to support you with your unique set of needs and circumstances. 

We strive to create a safe and supportive space designed not only to meet specific workplace goals, but to suit personal style, pace, and preferences. We adhere to a practical, business focused approach while bringing an energy of connection, ease, and enthusiasm to ensure one’s authentic self shows up.

The leadership coaching process is comprehensive and straightforward.

  • Discovery – to discuss the current situation and determine if there’s a coaching match
  • Goal setting – to set mutually agreed upon six-month leadership goals
  • Development – to conduct one-on-one coaching sessions and periodic check-ins with the boss
  • Feedback/Feedforward – to ensure satisfaction throughout the process and forward movement at its conclusion

A complimentary consultation is available to explore how coaching can support you and your organization.

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