Performance based training and inspired learning programs

Custom design and development of learning programs, including courses, workshops, and curricula focused on enhancing the performance and mindset of your employees.

Individual and group coaching

Coaching structures, processes, and techniques that support whole being development for individuals, teams, training groups, and emerging leaders.

Virtual and on-site facilitation

Facilitation structures, processes, and techniques that inspire attendees to work collaboratively, find common ground, and move forward in positive directions.

On-site or virtual focus groups , interviews, and surveys

Strategies to help the organization or a specific group gain insights about performance related issues and to generate solutions that revitalize, refresh, and regenerate.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Assessment tool used to gain a broader understanding of one’s own and others’ work styles for the purpose of more effective collaboration and improved communication.

Learning environment assessment

Assessment and recommendations with the goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s learning and performance processes.

Change management interventions

Education and communication initiatives that support and engage people in the changes and forward movement of the organization.

Other workplace learning and development services

Support activities in the areas of competency models, recruiting processes, career development, mentoring programs, leadership development, and succession planning.

For large scale or highly specialized projects we draw on our extensive network of learning professionals to provide additional resources.