businessman jumping in meadowI worked with Deb to improve my listening and goal setting skills in the context of managing a group of 15. Deb helped me realize the value and importance of the little victories, she drove home the fact that change doesn’t happen overnight, and helped me develop some personal goals to push toward continuous improvement.

Al Larson, PE, BCEE
Principal Engineer, Madison Water Utility

I am writing this not due to a request from you, but because I want to let you know how effective your service has been for me. Your compassion, intuitive abilities, integrity and business savvy proved to be a powerful combination. My coaching experience was invaluable and has helped me see positive results in both my business and personal life. I highly recommend Spirit of Success and would be happy to provide any prospective client a reference on your behalf.

Lauren Lipsky, Lifespark Coaching

I was so grateful to have Deb’s services to help me put together my workbook and program. Deb’s expert guidance helped me organize my thoughts and gave me a template for writing my workshops. I no longer need to reinvent the wheel, I just modify the content. Deb helped me put together the workbook in a way that was easy and fun to explore. I even received an unexpected bonus from one of my clients who was so appreciative of the materials.

Andrea Kivolowitz, OTR/L, InnerSparks, llc
Executive and Business Coaching

My surprise – being able to articulate my picture of what I wanted in the future. I can now look back and see how often I just ‘happened’ into my life versus envisioning just how I want it to be. With Deb’s gentle guidance my picture became even clearer. I felt my own spirit engaged in a process that was positive and uplifting. This was a gift to myself, but a special gift due to Deb’s leadership and sharing her own strong spirit.

Karen Kellow, President, Drawing Number One

This process was a wonderful gift in reminding me to keep my own vibration high, to stay in that energy space so I could bring in the positive, reminding me to trust in the universe, knowing that there will be a good outcome and that ultimately I will have this.

Marina Telfer, Ritualist and Entrepreneur

This was a wonderful investment of my time Deb and Linda–THANK YOU! You created a wonderful space and process for us to engage that playful, creative and curious side in learning new aspects and further deepening our knowledge of creative program development and inspired learning. I will be sure to reference your handouts and my notes as I continue in my quest to facilitate meaningful connections, experiences and transformation(s).

Hollie Hollister, Marketing Consultant, H Cubed Group, LLC

Your supportive and positive teaching style has been very effective and inspiring!

Nancy Peckham, President, INI Global
Unlock the Soul of Your Business

[Inspired learning] brings a new and exciting approach to learning!

Larry Jones, PHS